Play Activities For Babies Aged 1 To 12 Months

Play Activities For Babies Aged 1 To 12 Months

There are a number of activities for babies that you can do with your baby for your baby. You do not always need to use toys to stimulate your baby.  Keep in mind timing is everything. Baby will be most responsive to playfulness when they are both alert and unfussy. When they are miserable they are either wet, hungry or tired and do not want to play.

Activities For Babies  – Read To Your Child

Try to spend at least 20 minutes reading to your baby until he/she can read for themselves. When your baby is old enough to under stand  ask  questions  such as “Can you see the car? Where is the car?” Let your baby point to where the car is.

Build up a small library for your baby, later on he/she will look through the books and build up their own stories.

Here are some books that I think your child will love.

Baby’s First Book (Little Golden Book) – Great pictures, it is a  simple book that babies will love.

Soft Book Cloth Book Baby Toddler First Word Book – Do you have  wiggle worm that cannot sit still. Now they have a book to keep them still for a for minutes. They can enjoy the book without you worrying about book wont.

There are a lot of books out there, Amazon often has 2nd hand books that are in a good condition, and you can get it for a steal.

Activities For Babies – Recite Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes (Sing-along) Board book – The book has touch and feel textures for your baby to explore.

Play the cd when you are busy, your baby may seem not to listen but believe you me, they hear the cd and the rhymes get stuck in the memory.

Activities For Babies – Listen to Music With Your Baby

Sing songs in the car when shopping, play music and clap your hands to the beat. You must have some songs he can listen to and that is made for babies, and music you love.

First Songs Library – has soothing songs for your baby to listen too.

Your baby needs to be physical so be prepared to get down on the floor and interact with your baby through play.  Infants should not sit for more than an hour at a time when they are awake.

Activities For Babies  – Tummy time is essential to your babies physical and mental growth. You will be amazed at what they learn on their tummies. They strengthen their neck and other muscles as they wiggle about.  Your baby sees the world from a different view, it also helps prevent your a flat head, that babies tend to get when lying on their backs all the time.

Newborn to 3 months – Put your baby’s chest on a rolled-up towel for a few minutes while awake to play. Place toys on both sides of your baby’s head, close enough for your baby to see them.

When they are stronger and can lift their heads,  use baby mirrors and toys around your baby to help encourage your baby to reach.  You could get a  Activity Gym but it is not necessary. This strengthens the neck and upper-body muscles. Increase tummy time as your baby gets older and stronger.

Activities For Babies

Activities For Babies

Play Peek-A-Boo while lying on your tummy, hold a blanket or small pillow between you. This will encourage your baby to grab the blanket or pillow.

Place baby on play mat with his/her favorite toys suspended above them, to encourage them to reach and kick.

To encourage Visual tracking, and help visual development, while  baby is lying on their back, hold the toy in front of their face and, wiggle it slowly or gently touch her with it to get her attention. Move the toy slowly from side to side, and encourage her to follow along with her eyes.

At 3 months your baby should no longer hold a fist and you could give your baby a lightweight rattle or chew toy.  At this age Dangling Toys are great.

Activities For Babies

You can get some for the crib and play gyms. This encourages reaching, concentration and strengthens muscles. This is really great activities for babies and can be left alone to play for a few minutes.

When your baby starts to crawl make an obstacle course for them by placing pillows on the floor that they can crawl over. Place chairs that they can crawl under, if you have a big box, open both ends for baby to crawl through like a tunnel. These activities for babies teaches spatial and problem solving skills.

While playing with baby you build a strong bond and you learn the tale tell signs when things are wrong. You will notice that they do not hear sounds, or do not follow shadows or toys with their eyes. These things need to be looked at as soon as you notice this.

Play time is fun for both you and baby, make the best of it. Always praise baby when they achieve goals. Dads and moms need playtime with baby and calm time is just as important.

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Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

Virtual Reality 3D Glasses – What is Virtual reality?  Virtual reality is a manufactured environment. This is done through software that transports you into a real environment. It works almost like a view finder that children play with.

Most of the virtual reality world is done with 3D glasses. You get reality 3D glasses for your iPhone, and reality 3D glasses for your smart phone.

The reality of wearable eye-wear that is used with a iPhone or smartphone to transport you into another reality is upon us and is available. You can now buy 3D glasses online from amazon or any other online store that sells technology.

Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

Virtual Reality 3D Glasses – HooToo 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

This Virtual Reality 3D Glasses  are made by Generic and can be adjusted if you wear glasses. It is very durable as it is made from ABS plastic.

You get a quick start guide that is easy to follow and a cleaning cloth with your virtual reality headset. It is the same size as all the other virtual goggles out there.

The front part slides open when your if your iPhone or smart phone tends to overheat, and works like an air-vent, or for augmented reality. It has a holding tray for your smart phone that slides open. It is a very sleek design.

It can hold most smart phones even the iPhone 6+. It has a spring loaded clamp that can adjust to your phone size. The straps have velcro on for any adjustments and is elastic. On the back is a flexible head rest that holds the straps together.

It has clear and crisp optics that is very good, you can adjust the adjustable pupil distance and focal distance to prevent eye strain. If you wear glasses you might find you do not need to wear them but if you do still need to wear them, you can. You can adjust the focal point for each eye separately.

It has ventilation holes on the side and you can run any cables through it, if you need to charge the phone battery. You just slip the phone into the case and slide it into the headset box.

It has all the ports exposed, that way you can use your headphones, or for the power cable while you are watching your content. The part that touches your face is padded, comfortable and it is easy to clean.

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Packable Daypack

Packable Daypack lightweight packable backpacks

G4Free Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack

Packable Daypack

You will not believe how small this Packable Daypack packs down. It can fit in your hand depending on your hand size. It is about a mans cosmetic bag size.

It is easily compressible, you can throw it in your cargo pocket when you go hiking.  For a survivalist this is perfect as it is an extra bag should you suddenly need one.

The material is a very lightweight nylon that is water and tear resistant. The 3 zippers are of good quality (not YKK quality but good), and the bag is reinforced in more than 14 places with a rope process.

It has a loop sewn on the outside of the Packable Daypack, so you can hang it on your main backpack, or hang it over a hanger in your closest. Toe get it to it’s normal size, all you need to do is unzip it and remove the inside of the bag.

It is quick and easy to unpack the bag. Once it is unpacked you will have a 11.81 x 16.53 zx 7.08 inches bag. You have one large pocket on the outside for your snacks, on the sides are elasticized pockets for water bottles.

The pouch you had your bag packed in, is now an inside pocket for your cell phone and other valuables. This is perfect when you are camping and want to go on a hike without carrying your large backpack. You stuff your rain gear, snacks water bottle and what ever else you feel you need and go exploring.

The Packable Daypack does have a little carry handle on top, and adjustable shoulder straps. The shoulder straps have mesh on the inside for moister wicking.

The shoulder straps are not really padded but since it is designed for light duty, it should not be a problem. Adding padding would make it slightly heavier and make it more bulky, so it is perfect for light traveling.

It has a weather strip on top to cover your top zip and protect it from rain.  It has two zips that close the big bag. If you have filled the bag, keep the zippers to the side. On some bags (not just these) the zips do strip for some reason when on top. To be safe keep it to the side.

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Hasbro’s U-Dance Review

Hasbro’s U-Dance Review

Hasbro’s U-Dance Review – Does your kid love to dance, wherever they are? Then you definitely should get them the latest dance craze sweeping the country now the U-Dance of Hasbro!
With its advanced movement detection system Hasbro’s U-Dance the kid’s feet turn into their own game controller. It is simple: you attach the motion control detectors to their feet, simply plug the console into the TV and let your kid dance the night away.

Hasbro's U-Dance Review

There is no need for your kid to be on a mat or board, the controller operates by sensing movement, and they’re free to dance away around the room.

Hasbro’s U-Dance Review
There are twelve very popular dance tunes that are included, for your kids to pick from so they are able to get dancing immediately.
Your child will be moving around so much, they will be getting an excellent workout with the U-Dance of the Hasbro.

When they want a rest from dancing they are able to take a walk on the virtual treadmill, and get a work out that way. The treadmill can be used in the lounge where they can relax and play stepping games that keeps their feet active.
The best parts of the Hasbro’s U-dance is it is excellent for grownups and children of all ages.

Younger children will have a blast playing with the games that are easy, adults and adolescents will dance to the hottest dance styles.

Your children (and even you) will dance to their favorite hit songs, you simply can not go wrong with the Hasbro’s U-dance. Dance on your own or challenge a friend. With no mat to step on and nothing to hold you are free to dance.

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Pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Toys Review

Pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Toys Review

Pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Toys Review – Even with how crazy sing-a ma-jigs look, the pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs might be the most insane appearing of the group yet.

They really wear a bright purple colored top with colored polka dots, giving it an important trendy buzz. It has insane hot pink “ears” coming out of its head, and a circular mouth that makes it look like it’s prepared to begin singing and having a great time.

It is certain that this entertaining toy is going to be a terrific addition to this already large group of toys.
All of the other models in this collection has its own unique song to sing. The singing is what makes these toys so popular, so you know they were going to get that part right. It is a nice add-on to the group for sure.

Pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Toys Review

These toys are probably the most fun when you have them sing there distinct tunes together and purchase different colors of them. You should also take note the hot pink version is different then the first pink one which were released before. They do sing songs that are different and they also look different.

In the end children will enjoy this toy when it is bought as a member of a set that is bigger or to be used alone. This fun toy is now popular and you can see why.

Pink Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Toys Review some-up. It has 3 settings that you set by pressing his left hand. In the harmonium setting, when you press his tummy while sitting it sings oh, and it’s mouth moves at the same time. He sings it in the music tonal Scale, the “Do, Re, Mi” scale.

In the chatter setting he sings words, then in singing mode he sings a nursery rhyme, as you squeeze the tummy. He shuts off when he is not being used, but says Goodnight just before he switches off.

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Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Review

Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Review

Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Review – Digital cameras are excellent. They have given us the ability to take professional-looking photographs easily. If a photograph is taken by you and you don’t like it you can easily remove the picture.

Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Review

Until recently this was a grown-up activity and kids were just able to look at the photos that their parents have taken. Many children begged their parents to take their own photographs, I know mine did. But how could we hand over our digital camera that costs a lot of bucks so that a photo could be taken by our children.

Fisher Price has out-done themselves again with the next revolutionary camera made for kids that are waterproof. The new Kid Rough Waterproof Digital Camera can withstand any abuse including under the water, it is ideal for picture taking all-year round!

Finally a product for all us parents to stop the nagging by our kids. Fisher-Price recognized the need , and it has produced the initial digital camera only for kids called the Child Tough Digital Camera. The camera consists of a tough outside that can be used in the roughest conditions. It’s no surprise that shops was selling this very fast.

The Waterproof Digital Camera has all the same kid friendly and fun features of the previous model, including: Auto flash memory, Simple-to-use buttons, 1.5 see screen 64 MB of flash memory with the ability to help save 500 photos, USB cable.

Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Review some-up. This waterproof camera is great for vacations, and makes a perfect holiday gift. The buttons are easy for the children to use and make sense to children. It has 2 view finders, that means they can use both eyes to look at the image.

Another great thing is that it has a flash that will work for about 8 – 10 feet. It is a sturdy camera that should take a few falls and keep those 500 photos safe.

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The Clone Wars The Twilight Toy Review

The Clone Wars The Twilight Toy Review

The Clone Wars The Twilight Toy Review – For a very long time, children have enjoyed Star Wars. The company continues to grow with the recent releases of the latest film based on the original Star Wars.called The Clone Wars.

As a parent chances are one if not all of your children like these kind of movies. You are going to want to pick up the latest LEGO creation that is based on the new movie. Star Wars: The Clone Wars as well as Twilight is a LEGO representation of Anakin Skywalker’s starship that he used during The Clone Wars.

The kit includes everything you would expect from LEGO and more: good details, designs and a lot of accessories that your kid will enjoy playing with for hours at a time. Your child will enjoy building the ship and once completed braking it down and building it all over again.

The Clone Wars The Twilight Toy Review

The kit includes everything your kids will needs to re-create the movie including: Small LEGO figures of the characters in the movie, Anakin , R2-D2, Ahsoka, as well as Rotta the Huttlet. Workable parts Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Twilight has wings and landing gear. Front and side doors, detachable side escape pod, a rotatable laser perched on top. The LEGO set has 886 pieces of fun your child will be playing with for years to come.

So, get the gift you know your child will like Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Twilight. Your child will spend a lot of time using their imagination recreating the movie right from their room. And hey, you never know, you might just join in too.

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Curious George Review

Curious George is the loveable, monkey in movies, many novels and possibly the most famous PBS Kids TV show of all time. But if you didn’t understand that, now you do.


Due to the tremendous popularity of the fun loving monkey, there continues to be an explosion of Curious George plush toys. They make excellent gifts for any Curious George fan.

You can find many “classic” Curious George plush toys to pick from, with George in his red or yellow top but additionally, there are ones that match some of our family’s favorite episodes.

Afterwards when the power goes out at home, George makes the best of it with his torch and also instructs Jumpy the squirrel how to have fun with shadows. Now there’s an adorable plush George to go along with this episode. George comes with Jumpy the squirrel and complete with his torch.

In another favorite episode Roller Monkey, George gets a job roller skating in front of a shop to bring customers, but of course George actually wanted more practice roller skating.

It was a funny episode. This show has a matching Curious George plush toy where George is seen in roller blades, elbow pads and his helmet.

In doctor monkey, George is at a routine visit at his physician’s office when suddenly, as only George can do, he finds himself treating his doctor’s patients.

Shockingly, he does an incredible job at it too! Russ has a 12 inch physician Curious George plush toy that would make any fan happy. It shows George in his white physicians jacket, a stethoscope, headband as well as a black doctor’s bag, for those important house calls, you know.

There were a couple off episodes where George rode as an astronaut into space, or is that astro-monkey? Regardless, they were shows that are humorous.

In “Grease Monkey in Space”, the man with the yellow hat is asked to help with fixing a telescope in outer space, as it turns out the scientists that built the telescope did no think and it required someone with four hands to repair it. And in “Rocket Ride”, George is requested to fly a rocket to deliver equipment to a space station.

Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur Review

Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur Review

Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur Review – For some reason or another, kids have always found dinosaurs to be fascinating creatures. In fact, if we think back to our youth, we were likely obsessed with dinosaurs at some point or another during our life. Now that we have kids of our own, we are starting to see that interest ignited in them as well.

Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur Review

Why do we do we think of dinosaurs as being so fascinating? Perhaps it’s because they ruled the earth so long ago, maybe it’s because they are extinct, there are many types, sizes and shapes of dinosaurs.

Maybe it is their bodies that are scaly. I’m not sure why they’re fascinating but they are, especially to children.

Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur Review
The Dinosaur responds to touch and your kid’s voice with laughing and roaring sounds; he has additionally features such as an expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements.

The Dinosaur has four distinct tunes that educate your child about the history of dinosaurs it is as much a learning tool as it is a toy. This will assist your child to gain knowledge they are going to need later on in school.

We’re able to keep our children’s attention enhancing their learning experience by mixing education and enjoyment. That is just what you’ll get with Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur.

He’ll be like your child’s new best friend. He will not only spend hours entertaining your kid but will be teaching him at the same time. Your child will adore his new best friend and you are going to love what he can learn from him.

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Kid Trax Red Fire Engine Electric Ride-On Review

Kid Trax Red Fire Engine Electric Ride-On Review

Kid Trax Red Fire Engine Electric Ride-On Review – It does not matter what your age is; toys are both fun and engaging. There are sizes and different kinds of playthings, but some people like big ones, especially those that are actually great replicas of the real thing. Fire Engine Electric Ride-on is one  such toy, and is perfect for little ones who are three and above.

Kid Trax Red Fire Engine Electric Ride-On Review

It runs almost like a real fire engine with all the built-in accessories fire engines need.

This miniature fire truck has a 1 L capacity spray fire hose, megaphone, grab bars, fire truck gauges, graphics, ignition, acceleration, siren sounds, lighted dash, flashing emergency lights, and fire horn. It actually operates nearly as though it is a fire truck.

The bottom of the seat has a clutch that controls forward and reverse motion. It’s possible for you to drive it up to 2 1/2 to 5 miles an hour, and it turns at up to 2 1/2 miles an hour.

Not to worry because play won’t be interrupted by a dead battery. The Fire Engine Electrical Ride-on boasts a 12-volt battery, for up to 10 hours of continuous enjoyment, so that children can keep firefighting, laughing, and playing for quite a long time. It is also built tough, so that it can withstand children’s harsh treatment.

You can’t get the 12 V battery pack with the same particular plug you need to work the Fire Engine Electric Ride-on at any store.
Most customers actually enjoy the Kid Trax Red Fire Engine Electric Ride on, with the vast bulk of buyers parents or grandparents who purchased the toy for grandchildren or their kids

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Wooden Puzzle Toys

Wooden Puzzle Toys

Wooden puzzle toys are very entertaining and useful toys for children. They can be exceptionally useful for parents that wish to keep their kids occupied at the same time! With the aid of these wooden puzzle toys, a kid may also express originality and his imagination nicely. These amazing toys come in so many shapes it will keep him amused for a long time!

Wooden Puzzle Toys

Wooden Puzzle Toys

Wooden puzzle toys will feature an extremely wide collection of unique and top quality models. These are highly informative for the small ones, as we learned, but what about the adults? Can they benefit from using these cool toys?

Of course they are able to. In fact, as of this point there are lots of wooden puzzle toys users out there that have many models in their possession. These toys come in the best layouts you are able to imagine, from dinosaurs to aircraft and boats. There’s a high chance that you will discover one which will keep you amused for quite a long time, therefore it is advisable that you try one if you haven’t already!

Wooden Puzzle Toys

It is a known fact that wooden puzzle toys are some of the earliest playthings that stood the test of time.  They truly are perfect for children thanks to the fact that they challenge the mind in various areas that are significant, for example language, math and logic. Nowadays, you’ll be able to locate challenging and highly advanced wooden puzzle toys that will introduce a challenge even for the adults, such as the Rubik.

For toddlers, wooden puzzle toys can also be hugely useful and entertaining due to the fact they are educational and have interesting designs, such as geometric or the alphabet puzzles.
I have seen the joy that they bring and I know wooden puzzle toys are some of the best playthings that one may get for your child.

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Mattel Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Review

Mattel Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Review

Mattel Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Review – It’s great; young children, especially girls, loves babies. Although barley older than babies they love to play with them. I know my daughter does.
If you think back to when you were a child, you probably loved to play house too, pretending to be a mother to her dolls.
Back then baby dolls did not do much.

Mattel Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Review

You had to use your imagination and pretend that she was crying or eating or sleeping.
Sure times have changed. Young children no longer have to settle for a simple doll. Instead, with Mattel Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby dolls , your children can play house with a doll that looks and acts like a real baby!

Mattel Dolls are the latest innovation in technology on the market today.

This new state of the art doll is ready to teach your child and allows them to play house at the same time.
The dolls are very interactive in every way you can imagine, this is just some of the things the dolls can do: When hands are places on the doll, they can name there body parts. They can play games, speak in Spanish and also sing some songs.
Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Knows dolls are available in different races and gender. This allows children to have options and the ability to have a doll that looks like them.
Why not give your child the gift of learning this holiday season. Mattel Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Dolls know they have it all. Your child will spend hours learning and playing with their new bundle of joy in the coming years. So what are you waiting for get one today!

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Elmo Live Toy Review

Elmo Live Toy Review

Elmo Live Toy Review – Elmo is one of the most loved creatures from the excellent, long running children’s program Sesame Street. It’s easy to understand why when you see his innocent, childlike disposition, his modest, reddish, furry, little body and his adorable laugh. He can warm one’s heart of even the grumpiest of folks!

Elmo Live Toy Review

The people at Fisher Price saw the selling potential in an Elmo toy and they released Elmo. This plush toy looked exactly like Elmo. He had great attributes, one of the things is his laughter when you “tickled” him. His laugh was enough to instantly make him one of the most popular toys.

Elmo Live Toy Review
There have been a number of distinct variations of Tickle Me Elmo. None come close to the newest variant of the Elmo Live, while each one has there own features.

Elmo Live must be one of, or even the biggest toy ever made. He has a lot of characteristics and does so many things it is possible to be thinking he is actually alive. Lets take a look at some of his astonishing features.

Elmo Live has touch sensors in four areas over his body. When these are activated he will perform a number of activities. These sensors are available on the stomach, back, his nose and left foot.
Elmo Live tells two stories, makes jokes laughs when tickled, sings songs, dances and does a huge sneeze when you squeeze his nose.
While he is speaking or singing, Elmo’s mouth moves combined with the words.
When Elmo tells narratives his head moves back and forth, waves his arms around and even crosses and uncrosses his legs while sitting down.
There is a tilt function in Elmo’s body. He will request that you help him up when he falls over. He will thank you because of it.
Elmo has a battery.

After play he will shut down after a short period of inactivity.
These are just a few example of abilities and the many attributes of the toy that is awesome. Elmo is sure to keep the family amused for hours and hours.

Elmo Live will without doubt be one of the most popular toys of all time. Like preceding Elmo releases this Elmo is certain to sell out quickly in shops all around the globe.

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The Lego Toy Review

The Lego Toy Review

Lego makes a huge string of toys that are geared for ages two to fourteen. With more challenging pieces for older kids and DUPLO for the younger ones, it really gives kids the chance to assemble and research.


These toys are made from high quality material and can be assembled and taken apart over and over again. There are several types of Lego that your child might love depending on there skill level and their interest.

Bionicles are a type of Lego toy that’s based on the novels and pictures of Bionicles. They are exciting toys and have been in the hands of many active children. It come separately and are sold in small containers.

They’re fairly simple to assemble and put together with instructions and only a few bits to put together. After the warrior or the star is created, they are pretty long-lasting. They’re actually more durable than regular Lego which will fall apart if knocked or hammered too much.

Toy Story makes a Lego show that is both inviting and pleasurable to younger kids. Some of their products are run on batteries so that they are more interactive and movable. These Lego bits are small and the kits must be put together by an older child or an adult.


Indiana Jones makes tons of products for Lego. Each box features characters, scenes and vehicles from the movie. Legos made from Indiana Jones are usually very detail oriented from the whips and firearms used for play fighting to the drawings and expressions on the characters faces that are miniature.

Children will love interacting with the Lego especially if they like the movie.

Duplo is a Lego that’s geared for younger kids. They come with vehicles, and individuals to make play more fun for kids.

These Lego pieces are large enough for the whole hand to grab so even children with clumsily hands and eye coordination can foster self-confidence working with this building material.

City is a pretty new concept to the Lego world. With lots of construction set ups there is a design for every preference.

Each box features an alternative scene for example; a construction site. The materials are fairly improved to set up, so directions would need to be followed and put together by an older kid or adult. This is an excellent adult and child activity that gives some quality time together.

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Playskool Toys Review

Playskool Toys Review

Playskool Toys Review takes a look at a few of the toys that Playskool makes. With over a century in business, Playskool is one of the old companies serving the marketplace of toys for young kids.
Since its acquisition by Hasbro, Playskool continues to be in the custom of continuously getting better, coming out with 9 new slogans over a period of 25 years. That is an average of a brand new slogan once every 3 years. The company’s slogan is more than play, which it adopted in 2009.

Playskool Toys Review

As a Preschool teacher, I found that toddlers just loved this toy. It was the first one to be chosen. The toddlers never got tired of pushing, turning and pressing the the knobs or lids of the Poppin toy.

Playskool Toys A Review


Playskool also makes products that are advertised towards babies and preschool children, which are aimed at developing motor skills, the Tummy Time line, such as the Kick Start Gym, and the Step Start Walk ‘n Ride.

Playskool Toys Review –  Kick Start Gym

Playskool Toys A Review

With a lot of excellent products available, it is actually no wonder that Playskool has been in business for over a century. What childhood would be complete without those colorful clay-like figures of Play-Doh, the distinctive scent which will bring adults back to their childhood days.

Or those childhood hours spent making funny faces with a Mr. Potato Head doll and giggling at the results. And what boy did not play around constructing houses with Lincoln Logs or hasn’t had a Tonka Truck? And what young girl doesn’t want a Baby Alive doll or a My Little Pony doll to love and nurture?

And the firm is now making several additional products under the Playskool name such as infant care supplies, books, children’s clothes, and also video games, and continues to expand and improve.

The Playskool Business is among those iconic companies that have affected all of our youths, as you would expect from a company that is been running a successful toy business for over a century. Few other children’s toy companies can compare to Playskool’s age, still match its success.

Its products are in almost every home where young children play and learn. The firm is undoubtedly around “More Than Play”. They make excellent toys that build memories that last a very long time, passing their success to the following generation when those children become parents and grow up.

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Big Ben 3D Puzzle

Big Ben 3D Puzzle

Big Ben 3D Puzzle

This Big Ben 3D Puzzle, is an authentic representation of London’s historic landmark. It is made by CubicFun and is challenging It has 30 pieces and is about a level 4 in the difficulty level. You get instructions and pictures with the puzzle. The pieces themselves need to be removed from a cardboard pattern piece.

The pieces slot into place, and measures about 38.5cm in height when done. You may want to tape the sides together with clear tape. It does get covered later. I found it best to use a sharp nosed tweezer to help push out the small pieces. They snap together perfectly to form a sturdy construction.

I got the video from Vision Kids on you tube.

The puzzle is made from EPS Foam Board and should take between 100 to 120 minutes to complete. This would make the perfect Father’s day present or a birthday present for anyone who loves to build puzzles.

This Big Ben 3D Puzzle –  Information About The Big Ben

The Big Ben is actually the St Stephen’s Tower, but it got the name of Big Ben from the name of the largest bell inside the clock tower. Old pennies are placed in the mechanism to keep the time accuracy.

The clock tower measures 40 square feet at the base and stands at an imposing height of 320 feet.  A light above the clock shines whenever the Parliament is in session, indicating the continued functioning of the British government.

Each of the four dials on the clock is 221/2 feet (7 meters) in diameter, and the complete length of each of the hollow copper minute hands is 14 feet (4 meters).

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Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef Review

Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef Review

Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef Review is a look at The Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen playset, The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen and The Little Tikes Side by Side Kitchen.

Little Tikes toys are known for durability and design. Little Tikes kitchens received good reviews from parents for both quality and fun.This article provides an overview and review of Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef.

Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef ReviewThe Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen playset is a more substantial size at 28 x 14 x 40 inches. It is recommended for children from 3 to 10 years. It is a modern and elegant kitchen with lots of electronic sounds and kitchen accessories. It also receives rave reviews with an average of 4 stars out of 5.

It needs to be assembled and a screwdriver will be needed. The kitchen includes  1 coffee pot, 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons, 1 frying pan and 1 phone.

All the doors open, and the burner has electronic cooking sound. Food can be stored in the refrigerator and the cabinet has storage space.

Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef Review

Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef Review – The Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen is designed for younger kids with a recommended age range of 6-36 months. This playset is full of songs accompanied by lights and sounds activities. It includes foods that can be ordered, and a pop-up toaster to entertain children. A large number of comments from parents on Amazon give this fun toy an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

The kitchen includes 1 milk, 1 cheese, 1 egg,  and 1 pot. It makes  boiling and sizzling  sounds.

Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef Review

Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set, Espresso

This wooden play kitchen is stylish and modern for young chefs that love things looking more real. The stove-top has knobs that  that turn and click just like the real thing. It has a refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave, a removable oven rack, and a removable dishwasher rack. It has a shelf above the stove, that is just  perfect for storing spices and other ingredients, and keeps it in easy reach while cooking.

Little Tikes Kitchens for Your Little Chef Review

The Little Tikes Side by Side Kitchen is a playset kitchen medium sized 16.9 x 22.4 x 29.8 inches, but offers plenty of space to discover and play! The only “corner” style of this kitchen offers side by side playing for children. The kitchen is equipped with an electronic burner that emits sounds realistic kitchen, a large sink with mixer, oven, refrigerator, granite aspect – a picture window with a view. With an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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LeapFrog My Pal Review

LeapFrog My Pal Review

LeapFrog My Pal Review – A great product for learning the LeapFrog plush. My electronic Pal are great fun for children as young as six months old. These adorable puppies come either as My Pal Scout, a puppy stuffed green and white for children, or My Pal Violet, a puppy stuffed purple and white for girls.

These little toys are fun and will be connected through the USB port to the family computer.
My Pal each have a dog tag that lights up during the game, and each paw acts as a button. Squeezing the lower right paw activates the on and off button .When squeezing the lower right paw the toy sings a lullabies.

When squeezing the upper left paw the toy will sing songs during the day. If you squeeze the upper right paw the child will engage in fun learning activities. The zipper on the back of the stuffed toy opens to reveal the battery pack, along with the power switch and volume. This is also where the USB port is located, so the toy can be connected to the family computer.

LeapFrog My Pal Review

With the software installed, parents can customize the plush toy for their children in a number of ways. A significant customization you can do is y programming your child’s name into the animal. There is a large selection of available names to choose from so parents should have no problem.

LeapFrog My Pal Review

They can also set the child’s favorite animals , favorite color and favorite food, which will allow the toy to interact with the child on a very personal level.

Parents can also customize the music of the my friend plush toy. The electronic puppy will hold up to a maximum of five tunes during the day and up to five tunes during the night.

Parents can print a special adoption certificate, as well as songs and special coloring pages, all of which will help ignite the imagination of young children and give them a special connection with there little puppy electronic plush.

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Spike The Ultra Dinosaur Review

Spike The Ultra Dinosaur Review

Spike the Ultra Dinosaur Review, takes a look at this mechanical toy. Technology is wonderful, but it is also good to know that some things never change.  Children have always and will always be fascinated by dinosaurs.

These primitive animals have a way to captivate young children. Children are eager to learn everything possible about dinosaurs: what they ate, where they lived, how they lived and why they died.
Fisher-Price has developed a state of the art dinosaur toy that uses a completely new technology to educate young minds from around the world.

Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur from Fisher-Price is an innovative toy dinosaur that your children love. This amazing new dinosaur toy Fisher-Price can do everything a real old dinosaur could do. The dinosaur can walk, blink his eyes, move his mouth and stand on its hind legs.
The special remote control allows your child to control the ultra dinosaur sounds simply done by pressing a button.

All the child has to do is press a button on the remote control and the dinosaur growl, roar and snort. the remote control has large and easy to understand buttons and children of all ages will love this creature.

Spike The Ultra Dinosaur Review

This dinosaur even has the ability to play games with your child, such as fetching, chasing the boulder and more.

And it is just the right size for older children as well as younger children standing a little over two feet tall. This makes a perfect gift for any child or dinosaur lover in your life. Your child will be able to learn more by enriching their imagination with Spike the Ultra Dinosaur.

Your child will love to have a pet dinosaur that he or she can control and your child will learn and develop their own imagination while having fun. Now that is a combination that is a winner.

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Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Review

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Review

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Review is to inform parents on a toy that could be helpful at bedtimes. The birth of a baby is a life changing event, especially for first time parents. I remember when our baby was born and how we were proud and worried at the same time.

We wanted to be sure to do everything right, to give our small baby the best possible start.  Now, two children later, we are much more relaxed, but no less proud.

All of our children are happy and healthy. To give them the best possible start, we have been very careful with toys we choose for them. Over the years, we have found that the giant toy industry, Fisher-Price are among the safest and most attractive we’ve found.

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium

One of the baby toys in particular is called Ocean Wonders Aquarium. This is a striking toy aquarium with a series of movements and sounds to entertain and engage any baby. We have also found that it is very good to soothe your baby to sleep. The range of sound effects include ocean waves, falling rain .

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Review

The toy is easily connected to one side of a crib, but must be mounted within the reach of the baby, since all the fun starts with a simple click of the big blue button on the base.

Your baby will experience an attractive range of lights and sounds designed to calm him or her to sleep peacefully.
Even the fussiest baby will be soothed to sleep by this toy. Your baby will see big and small fish and play hide and seek with a lovely crab. The range of features includes, soft soothing music, floating algae, soft lights and bubbles bouncing.

The toy comes with a remote control that allows parents to restart the show without disturbing the baby. There are 5 soothing tunes, 3 aquatic sounds and a mixture of all 8. It can be seen continuously for 18 minutes. The toy fits into the most standard cribs, and the battery can be changed while it is in place. It requires 3 C batteries, remote needs two AAA batteries(included).

It’s easy to get your baby started listening to classical music as the Ocean Wonders Aquarium features music by Mozart and Bach.
As the baby grows, it is a simple matter of removing the movable part, leaving only the soft music and a comforting night light. This toy is suitable for children up to 36 months.

Just remember to restart after 18 minutes. When shopping for baby toys, be sure to consider the Aquarium Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders. Highly recommended.

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