Essential Office Supplies For Teachers

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers

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Essential Office Supplies For Teachers

Teachers need to be well organised and have their Essential Office Supplies For Teachers before the start of school. If you are like me and leave things till past the deadline, it is still not to late to start.

Get yourself a Daily Planner. It is a vital part of your day. You do not always have the time to use your lap top, and using your phone is discouraged. Should something happen to your laptop, your daily planner is still there.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - Daily Planners

This daily planner is perfect as it the calendar year, goal organizer, 2 page monthly view,  space for each day has 10 lines, so there is enough space on each page to write descriptions times and meeting places. The cover is made from durable card-stock with matte film lamination.

I like to use Calendar Reminder Stickers although not an Essential  Office Supplies For Teachers I would recommend it. I use it on the side of the page. I can see at a glance what is happening for the month. Meetings, birthdays and courses to attend.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - stickers


These stickers are Calendar Reminder Stickers. You can use them for  vacation, doctor visits, deadlines,  meetings, field trip, schedule change and so much more.

I just hate having to carry loads of pens around. I found that using a 4+1 Multifunction Ballpoint Pen reduces the amount of pens I have, and reduces pen loss. The four essential colors are all conveniently located in one pen, this one has a pencil with.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - 4+1 Multifunction Ballpoint Pen







Highlighters are must. I use them to highlight points in my lesson plan, to highlight points in my students books when evaluating my students work. It looks so much nicer than red rings or lines. And it does not discourage children from keeping their books neat.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - Highlighters3

What I love about these are they don’t smudge, are retractable so no misplaced caps. The tips are wide enough to allow for a sweep across a line of text, and yet narrow enough to draw fine underlines.  

Another must have is a stapler. I have chosen Bostitch Ascend Antimicrobial Stapler simply because it has a staple remover and has a hidden storage for staples. It also has a rubber, non-slip bottom and does the same work as all the other staplers. Mine is pink, but you do get it in other colors.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - stapler


An electric pencil sharpener well I prefer an electric one as it sharpens without the labor.  I have it in my desk draw and one at home. It is a bet tedious using a hand held one when you have a lot of pencils to sharpen.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - sharpner

Chalk is one of the top things to have for your classroom. I like  Crayola as it is dust free.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - chalk



Two-hole punch but if you have files with three rings a three-hole punch is needed.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - Two-hole punch

This one has a 20 sheet paper punch capacity and punches two 1/4 inch holes.

Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier. Buy the best printer you can afford, a black and white printer may be sufficient if you are not going to print pictures. But I do print pictures for visual aids.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - printer

Student scissors now unfortunately cheaper is not better by far. Seeing a student battle with blunt, and poorly made scissors just upsets me. They tear more than cut giving in bad work. So I buy  Fiskars.  They get used for paper and cutting, fabric for collages and any other item that needs cutting for art.

Essential Office Supplies For Teachers - Student scissors



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