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Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers

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Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers

Here are some great Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers, that can be done at home. Some of them you can make and others need toys. Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers are must to build muscle, bone density and coordination.

Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers - Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

Your kids will get a kick out these. They can skate across the floor, getting in some exercise while cleaning. You can buy these slippers, or make your own. You just need: two microfiber sponges, hand towel and glue gun. Cut the towel lengthwise into   5″ or 6″ wide strips, along the whole length of the towel. Fold your towel over twice so the cut edge is folded into the middle. That way the factory edge is what you see, no fraying and no need to sew anything.

Run a bead of hot glue along the factory edge to stick your strip together. You should now have a long towel tube.
Cut your towel tube just larger than the width of the sponge. You will need one of these for each sponge.
Position the towel tube so that it fits your foot like a sandal. I choose to fold my edges in so that the frayed ends were not showing before I glued them. Source.

Water Balloon Play

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There are a number of ways you can use this as educational games.

    1. Number the balloons a permanent marker to what number the child can count to. Draw shapes on the ground with sidewalk chalk, shapes that they know well and a shape that they are just starting to learn. Have them choose a balloon, tell you the number, and you tell them what shape to throw to.
    2. If you child can do basic math, you will need balloons filled with water, hula hoops, you can get a set of 3 or a set of 12 at amazon, number targets that correspond with the math you write on the balloons, page protectors and bean bags, you can also find shape bean bags.
    3. Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers - water-balloon-math
    4. Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers - water-balloon-math2
    5. Set up your targets with hula hoops and place the answers to the math water balloons in each hula hoop.
    6. Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers - water-balloon-math3
    7. You or your child can read the equations on the balloon, and have them throw the balloon at the answer. Source
    8. You can play balloon tennis with the balloons not filled with water. You will need flyswatters (make your own flyswatter) for this game, but my children have just used their hands to hit the balloons. The children can either just keep the balloon in the air by hitting it, or they can hit it to a friend or sibling.
    9. Leap frog is another fun Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers that is always a hit. Have them leap frog from one end of the room to the other side. This can be done outdoors as well. Starting in a squat position, and then they must jump as high as they can.
    10. Take a soft toy, let the children squeeze it between their knees and walk with it. If there are siblings let them chase each other.

Here are some toys you can buy that are not only great for Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers but great energy burners as well.

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper, great for outdoor and your child will love it. It is an amazon best seller.

Triple Hit Baseball, this is also great for hand-eye coordination. It has 3 difficulty levels from beginner to pro.

Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers - Triple Hit Baseball

Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers - Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set


For those who cannot yet hit a ball, this is a great place to begin. It can keep them busy for some time while strengthening their eye-hand coordination and exercising upper body muscles.


More Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers

Wheel Barrow walking, remember how you played it as a kid, well children today still enjoy playing it. You can make it challenging by putting something on the child’s back and have him balance with it.

Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers - wheel barrow walk

Trampoline, this trampoline is for little ones. At the nursery school, I have a big one and the children start experimenting with it as soon as they can walk.

Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers - Trampoline

Your toddler will burn of so much energy and you will have time for a cup of coffee or tea.




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