how many germs live on your cell phone

How Many Germs Live On Your Cell Phone

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How Many Germs Live On Your Cell Phone

So how many germs live on your cell phone? It has been said that 94.5 percent of your phone is contaminated with some kind of bacteria. I bet the other 6 percent is on the inside of the phone where your hands don’t touch. Germs are being  transferred from your hands to your phone. Each square inch of your cell phone contains about 25,000 germs. Making it even dirtier that a public restroom.How Many Germs Live On Your Cell Phone

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Look at your phone, it is crawling with little germs and a lot of them is resistant to multiple antibiotics. Many disease-causing bacteria are transferred from person to person through handshakes, holding hands, just through touch. You then touch your eyes or nose and the bacteria has found an easy route into your body.

How Many Germs Live On Your Cell Phone

Did you know that a lot of your acne could be caused from your phone?





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How Many Germs Live On Your Cell PhoneThe bacteria on our phone not only effects our immune systems but also cause some types of acne.  Bacteria to get into your pores, when you press your cheek and chin against your phone. Your phone does not just collect bacteria but it also breeds bacteria. Bacteria needs warmth to grow. Our phones are warm, we place them in warm dark places such as our pockets and bags.

Now don’t rush and grab some alcohol, ammonia, abrasives or aerosol sprays to clean your phone. This will harm your phone. You could put a small amount of hand sanitizer onto a microfiber cloth or sterile cloth and use it to wipe over the surface of your cell phone, keyboard, tablet, kindle or any other electronic gadget. But be warned this also coats the gadget and does not clean it completely. The best way to clean your phone is Phone Sterilizer. It does not damage your phone surface or the electronics inside.

How Many Germs Live On Your Cell Phone Phone Sterilizer

It has an Ultraviolet Light that sanitizes your phone. Not only your phone but MP3 players, earphones, mini charging cables for iPhones, car keys and Bluetooth.  UV light is used in  hospitals to kill  bacteria. A lot of people in healthcare use it to sanitize their phones, glasses, wallets and watches.

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