Little Tikes Bath Drums - Little Tikes Bath Drums4

Little Tikes Bath Drums

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Little Tikes Bath Drums

Let your little tike of 18 months or older, play with Little Tikes Bath Drums, while having a bath. It is a 3 sweet little turtle of different sizes, they nestle inside each other. They can either float on the water or your little one can stick it to the side of the bath wall. It has suction stickers that makes it stick to wall.

Little Tikes Bath Drums - Little Tikes Bath Drums4

The drum sticks can be stored into in the turtle. This is the beginning of learning about music. While playing they gain muscle control, and coordination. Every new skill learnt lets them progress to the next skill. 

Little Tikes Bath Drums - Little Tikes Bath Drums4

Eye-hand coordination (also known as (Visual Motor Integration)  is strengthened, fine motor skills are improved and contributes to a sensory rich environment. When your little one is exposed to smells, textures, colors, and sounds  pathways are created  between the cells in their brains.

Poor eye-hand coordination will effect many areas of your little ones life. The earlier he or she is exposed to activities that strengthen eye-hand co-ordination.

Actively participating in musical activities is the first introduction to reading and math. It encourages them to try out different ideas and ways of doing things. Toddlers enjoy banging on drums, and is a good form of self-expression. Singing helps your toddler to use words and develops their memory. They can only remember a few words at a time. You can teach your toddler action songs such as Incy Wincy Spider and Head Shoulder Knees and Toes. You can find a video with some songs here.

Little Tikes Bath Drums - Little Tikes Bath Drums4

Children of all ages express themselves with music. Remember repetition is the key, start with simple and short songs and progress further.

With music comes dance, this is great gross motor skills. This not only strengthens muscles but it starts teaching them about their body.  It creates confidence as they accomplish certain skills. Kicking a ball is a simple thing for a parent but it is a skill a child has to learn. If the foot-eye coordination is impaired kicking a ball is a big obstacle. They need to practice through play.

Banging the drums is eye-hand coordination, gross motor and effect and cause. If I hit this drum it makes a noise, if I hit the carpet it is not the same.

The great thing about Little Tikes Bath Drums is even if they don’t hit the drum it still scrapes and makes a noise. Once they realize they can bang the drums, they will bang the water, bang the side of the bath and learning certain things make certain sounds.

They learn to sing while banging away on the drums this helps with language. In time they will about rhythm and this is all part of reading and maths skills later on in life.

There are a number of myths about teaching children to play drums that are under the age of 7. Myths like: their attention span is to short, developmentally they are not ready, or that it to difficult to speak to extremely young students. These are untrue, Andy Ziker  a drum instructor, and the author of Drumset For Preschoolers.

Little Tikes Bath Drums - Drumset For Preschoolers


It teachers children from  2-6 year-old with color coding, how to play drums.





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