Perfect Cat Lover Mug - Black Paw Shaped Coffee Mug

Perfect Cat Lover Mug

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Perfect Cat Lover Mug

Cat Coffee Cup

Perfect Cat Lover Mug -Cat Coffee Cup

This is a perfect gift for someone who loves cats. It is made from ceramic and measures 13 x 11 x 9.5cm.


Astronaut Cat Mug

Perfect Cat Lover Mug - Astronaut Cat Mug2

Do you know somebody that loves cats and always have their heads in the clouds. This would be a perfect gift for them.

One Cat Short Of Crazy Mugs

Perfect Cat Lover Mug - One Cat Short Of Crazy Mugs

Do you have people saying you are crazy because you have more than one cat? Well enjoy your coffee out of this mug, it just might shut them up.

Kinto Mugtail Cat

Perfect Cat Lover Mug - Kinto Mugtail Cat

The real Kinto Mugtail Cat costs $32.94.  This one costs  $15.00. The outside isn’t glazed so you have to wash it immediately after use and oils or lipstick may stain the cup.

Chester The Cat

Perfect Cat Lover Mug - Chester The Cat


A must-have for all cat collectors. Get Chester The Cat teapot and the salt and pepper set.

Perfect Cat Lover Mug - salt and pepper      Perfect Cat Lover Mug - teapot

Cat Breakfast Novelty Coffee Mug

Pets Rock Cat Breakfast Novelty Humor Movie Spoof Animal Art Ceramic Gift Coffee (Tea, Cocoa) 11 Oz. Mug


I personally do not like cats dressed up in any form. However if it is your cup of tea, it is then perfect for you.

Cheshire Cat

Perfect Cat Lover Mug - Cheshire Cat


Now you can see the Cheshire cat appear and disappear. The outside of the mug can come off if it is washed in the dishwasher or with anything abrasives.

Tokinese Cat Mug

Perfect Cat Lover Mug - Tokinese Cat Mug


The Tokinese Cat Ceramic 3D Mug is handmade. The head of the cat is the handle. I recommend hand washing. Under the neck handle of the cat is a small hole, it is to release heat, while it is the kiln. From the maker of the mug: ” You will not receive the Mug in the picture as this is the original and is part of my personal collection. It will be a reproduction of the original which is pictured. All my items are handmade by me. This means there can be some differences between the pictures and the actual item. I try hard to keep these differences limited but the handmade items make that all of them are one of a kind. ”

Hilarious Aunty Acid One Cat Short Mug

Perfect Cat Lover Mug - Aunty Acid One Cat Short Mug


I would highly recommend this Cat Lover Mug for yourself or a gift for a friend or relative.

Black Paw Shaped Coffee MugPerfect Cat Lover Mug - Black Paw Shaped Coffee Mug


This is a 8 ounce mug with unique paw shaped design.


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